Lead Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator provides scheduling, coordination and supervision of all Spartanburg Shares volunteer activities. Estimated work commitment is 15-20 flexible hours per week. The position carries an honorarium of $5,000 per year.


The Volunteer Coordinator should have the following skills and experience:

• The ability to communicate and empower volunteers to be effective in their roles

• The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities

• Proficient in basic computer applications and Internet usage

• Organizational skills

• Commitment to Spartanburg Shares mission


The Volunteer Coordinator reports directly to the Board Chair.


• Act as single point of contact for all volunteer communications

• Recruit, screen and schedule volunteers and student interns

• Conduct and/or arrange for volunteer orientation and training

• Work with Board to publicize opportunities for volunteers

• Participate in recruiting events within the community to attract qualified candidates

• Develop and maintain relationships with other volunteer organizations in the County

• Develop and maintain relationships with local medical organizations that may refer patients, or may use items not appropriate for checkout by Spartanburg Shares

• Assist Board with development/maintenance of volunteer policies and procedures

• Maintain accurate records on volunteer participation

• Provide ongoing support and guidance for volunteers

• Attend Board meetings when asked and provide requested reports

• Ensure facility is open/closed at scheduled times

• Maintain adequate amounts of cleaning and office supplies; purchase replacement parts as appropriate

• Maintain inventory and follow up on overdue equipment

Revised August 2019